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What is the purpose of the feeder:
The feeder lifts the product from the worker level to the tank level.
The feeder work principle:
The feeder maintains the level of the product within the machine's tank, depending on the level sensor in the machine's tank, which alerts the machine if the product level is low so that the machine activates the feeder and raises the product level in the tank until the product reaches the highest level, where the machine stops the feeder and so on.
Products that can be used with this equipment:
Fine granules such as Sugar, Salt and Black Pepper, also can be used with Powders such as Coffee, Powdered Milk, Powdered Sugar, Cocoa, and most of fine materials that do not break to the granules.
Electricity consumption: 0.8 KW.
The feeder constraction is made from stainless steel 304.