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About Us

We are at NURPACK GROUP, with our many years of experience in the field of flexible packaging, offer you the best economic and reliable machines that suit the requirements of your business, our machines almost cover all flexible packaging requirements, we are interested in giving you the appropriate solutions that will satisfy you and help you in the development of your business, with our striving to develop, improve and provide the best service, especially after-sales service and technical support.
Our solutions are as follows: stick pack packaging machines, quadruple envelope packaging machines, vertical packaging machines, Quadro and horizontal packaging machines such as scented napkin packing machine, doypack machines with zipper feature, tube filling machines, sugar cube making machines, carton cup forming machines and Thermoforming with Thermoforming We also provide support and assistance in securing packaging materials and other supplies that integrate with the production process such as non-woven napkin, perfume for napkins, wrapping paper for sugar stick, and S packaging for coffee Nescafe 3in1, ketchup, mayonnaise ... etc.
Because you will get excellent solutions with excellent service at very competitive prices and two years warranty.